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Steve Jobs’s job application is going to the auction


You know about Steve Jobs? Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs founded Apple in 1976 with his friend Steve Wozniak. The world has gotten groundbreaking technologies like the iPhone and the iPad, from his hand. But before becoming known as Steve Jobs in the technology world, he was like ten other general job seekers. Till 1973, Steve Jobs tried for a job.

In 1972, after the admission of Felth Semester to Reed College in the United States, only six months had passed. Then he studied Caligraphy, Dance, and Shakespeare on the Portland campus for a year and a half.

In 1973, he tried for a job. A job application was completed for this. However, it was not clear, for which post he had applied. His job application has recently been auctioned by auction company named RR Auction. They think the price of the application can be up to $ 50,000.


Many errors can be seen in his job application. In the application form filled in hand, His address is written, Reid College. He wrote English Literature as a subject of his basic education. Wrote the computer and calculator in place of expertise. In the place of special skills, Electronic Tech or Design Engineer.

Bobby Livingston, Executive Vice President of the RR Auction, said the letter also makes his life story more awake.

In the auction, A technical manual guide for Mac OS X to be signed by Steve Jobs in 2001 will be sell. In addition, Speaking at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, his signature on a newspaper will be sold at auction. The price of these two could be 25 thousand and 15 thousand dollars respectively.

In October last year, a magazine signed by Steve Jobs was sold for $ 50,000. Apart from this, Apple One Computer is sold for seven million US dollars. Steve Jobs’s private items such as Bathrobe, Razor’s auctioned before. His jacket was sold at 22,400 USD.

Livingstone said about the letter, it would be great for the person who would buy it. It’s a rare thing. This is his handwriting, it has been verified. The auction will be held from 8th to 15th of March.


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