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There are shops, no shopkeepers – new Amazon store without cashier is Amazon Go.

Last Update: Wednesday, Jan-31-2018

Do you think there is not enough money in the wallet to make purchases? Here is the solution. Recently, Amazon has launched a new store that offers no cash payments and smart cardless modern purchase facilities.The name of this shop, without cashier, is known as Amazon Gao.This store is different, you will realize that when you will enter into that shop. 

Years ago, the e-commerce company Amazon showed the concept of the unmanned shop.That idea is being implemented in the United States. Amazon go! launched at Seattle in Washington.

If you want to enter this  Amazon store, the company’s app needs to be installed on your phone. What are the other super shops available, you will found everything in Amazon’s 1800 squire feets store. Especially food items. At the time of entering, the Amazon app have to scan on the door. When you will leave the store, you have to scan the app on the door again, the value of the product is deducted from the credit card associated with the app.

It is known that the new rules do not require any shopping cart or basket for shopping inside the shop.By entering the product in the bag, the product name will automatically go to the app.If you leave it will be deleted. Price of the product will be deducted from your bank account later on through the app. The poster of Amazon stores has written, ‘Just walk. There is no need to stand in line to pay for the desired products. ‘ 

The Amazon authorities did not agree to tell about the technology of the shop. Only this has been known, machine learning and computer vision technology have been utilized. And the store has hundreds of cushioned cameras. That is, nothing is fitted with each product with a separate chip.When looking at the cameras, the computer will know which product is being bought, which buyers are buying it.

Does anyone try to take a product by wrapping the cameras to scam?American journalist Nick Wingfield tried it by telling Amazon authorities. He failed. Money has been deducted from his account.

There are no shopkeepers doesn’t mean that there is nobody there! There are people to maintain and help the customer.There are cooks, who are regularly preparing food. There are cleaners. only There is no checkout system and no cashier. There were more than 3.5 million cashiers in the United States in 2016. If Amazon technology spreads, many of them will be at risk of jobs. But the organization says it is not reducing staff, Just changing their work.

The Amazon cashless shop brings a kind of revolution to make shopping easier and quicker.

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