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House tree care – get some idea about how to take care of your home trees

Apart from the porch and the roof, if you can keep a few beautiful trees in the corner of the house, the beauty of your home will increase a lot. And you’ll find a fresh atmosphere in the house.

the trees which can keep in the house and their growth will not be interrupted, They are considered as Indoor Plants. The correct idea about Indoor Plant will help us to make our house more comfortable.

But remember one thing, Being temporarily beautiful cannot be all, If you keep the tree inside the house, it needs some special care, Otherwise, your house will look unclean and the trees will not live.

Let’s know how to take care of your Indoor Plant

Do not keep Indoor Plant very close to AC or Cooler, It makes the trees dry very quickly. Also, occasionally change the place of the tree.

Use sandy soil while planting. Because the water does not last long on this soil. The trees will not survive if water gets accumulated at the bottom of Indoor Plant. If there is a problem in planting trees in the tub, then plant the tree with the tub from the nursery.

Do not make indoor plants big, Then The house will look dark. For this reason, cut off the excess tree leaves. Also, cut off the dry flowers and leaves.

Put the trees in the sunshine for at least 2 or 3 times in a week. Morning sunshine is beneficial. Give water to the Plant by following the rules. Normally, for a total of two times a day, This is suitable for all type of trees. Once in the morning and once again the sun falls in the afternoon. But always give The right amount of water. Different type of trees needs a different amount of water, you have to know that how much water is needed for your plant.

The soil of the tub should be hammered once in 10 days. It will remove the harmful gas below the soil of the plant. But you have to work very carefully. So that the root of the tree is not harmed.

Do not store the rotten leaves and leave them fast.

When the leaves and flowers begin to become light, keep the plant in a cool place where less heat reaches. Because the color of the leaves and flowers starts to become light when the excessive heat is detected.

The leaves leave carbon dioxide at night, If possible, remove it from the bedroom and keep it in the corridor. If you can not move, keep the bedroom window open.

In the rainy season, the outbreak of dengue was prevalent. Especially they are derived from towed water. Give a useful medicine on the tree once a week. The incidence of insects and dengue can be avoided.

Many of us use cork decorated tow to plant flats or offices. But whenever the root of the tree is rising towards the hole in the bottom of the tub, then immediately remove the tree from the new tub. After watering, keep in mind that excess water should not be exhausted through the hole below the tub. Use the clay dish under the tub, then the water will not make the floor dirty.

A white tint is seen on the leaves of the tree, It’s a kind of fungal infections. wash the affected area with soap water, You will see the leaves will be clear.

Do not use feather dusters to clean the dust off the trees. Because small pests can go to trees from this kind of duster and damage the trees. The best way to clean the trees with water.


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