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Best Small Double Beds – Small Double Bed Buying Guide 2018

Do you find a single bed to be bit small, but think a double bed will be way too much? Then consider buying a small double bed that comes handy for small setups. Again, the Best small double beds don’t look cluttered and some of them come boxed up that can save space as well. The perfect bed can add to the décor of your room and make you comfortable. These beds are even ideal for parents that want to co-sleep with their children because there is enough space for all of them to fit in. We have made a list of these beds that will help you take a call.

How to buy the best small double beds?

There are no hard and fast rules for choosing a small double bed. Nonetheless, we have recorded a few points that you must think over while buying a small double bed. Read the following the pointers to get an idea as to how to select the best one for you.

  • Style–So, you may have a wooden setup or leather, you will get these small double beds in all materials. This means you can coordinate your bed according to your room furnishings.
  • Space–Most people think twice before investing in a double bed, but a small double bed does not take that much of a space. At the same time, it must be mentioned that it is not a cramped up piece of furniture too.
  • Frame – Yes, this is another thing that you need to deem over and going for something simple like a Divan style could be a good idea. This is easy to assemble and it gives your room a classy look.

5 Best small double beds:

We have created a list of the Best small double beds for you that you can refer to.

♦Boston 4ft 6 Solid Oak Double Bed Frame

This is a contemporary bed that has the ability to blend into any room of your choice. It is the right choice for those that are rummaging around for traditional, yet stylish furniture. In addition to this, it has to be stated that this bed has features that will bowl you over like that of being made from solid oak and is free of MDF or veneer. It has been handmade and the oak timber certainly increases the lifespan of the bed. It is super comfortable because it can hold the mattress in place without much of a problem. There is more to this and we have explained them in the next section: like this:


  • This is a 5 feet bed that is pretty much snug for a small family
  • It is easy to assemble which is another advantage
  • Definitely low on maintenance and effortless to clean
  • Is durable because of 100% oak body
  • The wooden slats are very thick that provide you with good support
  • Has thick rails to support the mattress
  • Backed by 12 months of warranty by the manufacturer


  • A bit on the pricey side and that could add to a predicament

♦Barcelona Brown Faux Leather Ottoman Storage Bed

Okay, this may look packed in owing to its 4 feet size but is equally relaxing. This bed does not require much of your attention, as it is very easy to clean. Don’t worry about the faux leather box drawers that provide you with great storage facility. They are not a hindrance but are a boon to the owner. They are easy to pull and you can keep your world stashed into them. It is a convenient bed to work with by all means. In fact, the next segment will give you a thorough knowledge of this bed:


  • This is a stylish small double bed and that is a proven fact
  • Yet, it has a simple outlook and that makes it fascinating
  • It is a secured bed that keeps the mattress in place
  • The rails are firm and you will stay protected without the fear of slipping
  • It does not take up too much space because of its compacted design
  • Can be kept as a spare bed in the guest room or you can put it up in the kid’s room too


  • If you do not like a boxed bed, then this is not for you
  • It is a high ticket bed and that could be a problem for some

♦Cotswold Solid Oak 4ft 6 Double Bed By Oak Furniture King

If you are into rustic furniture, then the Cotswold Solid Oak double bed is for you. It is made from solid oak and is free of MDF or veneers. This undoubtedly makes ita safe bet for you and most importantly your family. If you have kids at home, then you will know the significance of keeping a healthy indoor environment. Additionally, the solid construction of the bed makes it sturdy and you remain secured. We have to add that this is a unique oak bed which has a darker hue, unlike the others that add to its beauty.


  • It is a gorgeous wooden bed and there are no doubts about it
  • This implies it has a solid construction of timber
  • It is a low on maintenance bed that makes your life easy
  • It is imported, but from the UK
  • Backed by 12 months of warranty that makes it authentic


  • This requires assemblage, although it is an effortless job, yet for some, this could be a big quandary
  • It is made of 100% oak and you cannot deny its quality, but the price you will have to pay for it is also quite a lot

♦A & I Beds Luxury Michaela 4Ft 6 Double Hand Made Faux Leather Bed

This Michaela double bed exudes elegance and this is possible mainly because of its handmade texture. The best part about this bedstead is that it can fit into interior decoration and add to its charm. It is a compact bed that is 4 feet in size and you will not have a hard time placing it in the room of your choice. The bedstead has an arch design that is quite an unusual design for a double bed. Not to mention that this Faux Leather bed has a slatted base that keeps it ventilated. This suggests it is a trustworthy bed and we have a few more aspects to discuss it, like:


  • Distinctive design small double bed makes it a great choice
  • The feet are small but rectangular in shape, which makes it stable
  • It is available in different sizes and is totally customizable
  • This is an affordable bed and that should be given a consideration for sure
  • It can be assembled quite easily at home
  • Has an unbeatable support because of its make
  • This is imported from the UK as well


  • It does not come with a mattress and that is a parameter not be overlooked

♦Caspian Ottoman Gas Lift Up Storage Bed

This is another imported product from the UK and is a chic double bed. You will not have too much to think about this bed because it is reasonably priced. You can hide your things in this bed and enjoy the contentment offers. This is a pocket-sized powerhouse, in spite of being only 4 feet. There is no chance of falling and you will have a good time amassing you are clandestine. Okay, wait there is more to this bed and they are as follows:


  • This Caspian Ottoman bed is available in various colors and sizes
  • The storage can be held upright due to it the gas lift that allows you hands-free storage facility
  • The storage has 10 inches of space that is well supported by the under bed pistons
  • Most notably, it is a hard-wearing bed that cannot be disregarded
  • The base has a cloth fitted to it, which means you will not have to place anything under it to avoid slippage
  • The bed is easy to assemble and there are no doubts about it


  • The faux leather may not go down with the quality it displays, but then you must consider the price as well

Finding the Best small double beds may not be that difficult a task, but you need to know what to look for while buying one. This is why we have provided you with all the details that you need to follow. Amidst the five we have named, we would like to discuss the Caspian Ottoman Gas Lift up Storage Bed, like the one that you can look forward to. It has the storage facility, is compact in size and does not cost you a fortune. What more do you need? What keeps you waiting? These beds are a solution to your space crunch that can lend glamour to your room.

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