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Know 15 important information Before buying CCTV cameras

CC cameras are very important and costly for your home or office security. Before buying CC Cameras, we have to know about the quality of the Kamera. So before choosing the best CCTV camera for your business, you have a little idea about what you need to do.


1. Does It have an internal memory card with the camera or does It need to add an external device to save the data?


An internal memory card is now integrated into advanced cc cameras – 32 GB, 64 GB, or 128 GB. These are generally not dependent on the external device for data storage. But there is no such internal memory system in cheap cameras.


2. Pan / Tilt


Modern CCTV The camera can rotate horizontally and vertically across a large space around them. A CCTV camera that rotates horizontally to the highest degree is pan and rotates vertically, it is called tilt.

Some of the best CCD cameras, for example, the Sricam SP005 SP series up to 355 degrees Pan and up to 90 degrees Tilts.

CCTV cameras may be rolling through remote applications through their applications.


3. Video quality


The good CCTV camera creates a video in 720p (1MP) and 1080p resolution. Of course, high resolution will be good quality, however, for this, you need more data storage system to record a day’s video. If you have more internal storage then buying high-resolution cameras is not bad. But the camera with internal storage will be easily filled. To combat this, there are some overwrite features of the camera that after retaining the previous data, it preserves new data and keeps recording. A 1MP camera takes about 38 gigabytes of data space all day. So it is important to see storage space and backup time compared to visual quality before selecting a specific CCTV camera.


4. Have the motion and audio sensors?


Motion sensors are actually a part of smart security cameras. Through motion and audio sensors, CCTV cameras send an information on the mobile app to alert you by creating unusual sounds and movements. If you need a good security system and want to protect your home or office, buying a CCTV camera with motion and audio sensors can be a good decision.


5. Is it easy to install and setup?


Generally, the wireless CCTV camera is the easiest to install and setup because it has no connection. The CCTV camera installation facility depends mainly on positioning and mounting. It is easy to mount cameras with magnetic bases or sticky pads, but for long-term, a reliable way to screw the camera on the wall.

If CCTV cameras have a good pans / til, this may not require proper positioning. You can just place them on a tall table or aardraft.


6. Is it waterproof?


For an outdoor CCTV camera, it must be waterproof. If you want to place it in front of your shop, house or any other outdoor location, you need to find waterproof CCTV cameras.


7. What are the things in the box?


Before you select a CCTV camera, you should know about the details of the stuff you have purchased. The main things for this are mounting stand, power screw, cables, and power adapter etc installation gears. Sometimes, low cost CCTV cameras do not come with power adaptor, and it will cost an extra amount. So make sure that you’ve got all of these in your package.


8. Infra-red LED number in camera


Infra-red LED is small bulbs next to the center lens. The greater the number of LEDs, the better the recording will be in the dark.


9. Camera’s maximum range


The maximum range or range of a CCTV camera depends on the focal length of the image sensor lens and size. The higher the range, the objects will be clearly visible from a distant distance. High range is essential for external CCTV cameras. A CCTV camera will be at least 20 to 25 meters in range.


10. Works offline, it has an inbuilt hotspot


The inbuild hotspot of CCTV cameras lets users access the live stream in the smartphone so that does not require internet access. But this camera works from a limited distance. These cameras can be easily detected because they have an antenna. It is a good feature to install CCTV cameras in small shops and malls. It is possible to monitor without an internet connection.


11. Is it connected to DVR?


Some manufacturers make and sell CCTV cameras as a part of CCTV cameras. They are compatible only with their parent DVR. So if you have to buy a CCTV camera for a DVR, make sure it is consistent with DVR.


12. Outdoor vs Indoor Camera


The internal camera is suitable for office and home. This is a small size and usually a domed shape. On the other hand, outdoor cameras are used for fields, outside stores, markets, airports, roads etc. These are high pans/tilts and zooms that cover their large spaces.


13. Wired or Wireless CCTV Camera?




Due to low cost wired cameras, this CCTV camera is quite popular. A Siamese Coax Cable is connected to the DVR. Wired CCTV camera is more reliable than the wireless CCTV camera.




Wireless cameras offer convenience according to mobility and scalability. It is usually easy to install and move aro

und. Good quality branded wireless camera is more expensive than wired cameras. High-quality offices and buildings today prefer this camera. To use a wireless camera, you need to have a high-quality router, reliable internet connection, and speed.


14. Price and warranty


A good quality CCTV camera has at least one year warranty and strong power CCTV camera can have 3 or more years warranty.

For more information of the cost of CCTV cameras, please visit here.


15. Best CCTV brands


Hikvision, JOVISION, and Dahua are the popular CCTV cameras brand of this time.

For more popular CCTV cameras, visit here.



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